IP Management

IP strategy needs to be translated into an appropriate IP management framework to provide guidance to employees on effective IP management. Our consultants work closely with clients to acquire information on each of the client’s objectives, practices and resources.We then identify the client’s IP-related issues that need to be addressed. With this information, we develop an IP management framework tailored to that client.  


IP Policy


An IP policy is the principle governing a company’s management and practices relating to IP. It provides guidance to management and employees on the importance a company places on its IP and the practices for protecting and managing IP assets. We help our clients develop an IP policy that is tailored to an organization’s corporate objectives. The development of an IP policy involves three steps:


  1. Research and obtain all information
  2. Set IP policy based on information acquired
  3. Review and finalize IP policy


IP Implementation Plan


An IP implementation plan outlines the processes and procedures for the establishment of the company’s IP policy. It provides guidance on a practical and operational level by setting forth the procedures and rules to be followed by employees concerning the management of IP.


We help our clients put together an IP implementation plan that integrates the policy into operations. The development of an IP implementation plan involves three steps:


  1. Review IP policy and identify available resources
  2. Formulate an IP implementation plan
  3. Review and finalize IP implementation plan