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General Corporate


We provide general corporate legal advice including mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, cross-border transactions and securities laws.

Corporate Law and Cross Border Transactions


When a deal involves multiple players and transactions in addition to IP issues —foreign partners, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity tranches, complex tax implications, various classes of stockholders, exacting due diligence — OPES provides a one-stop service for our clients. Our professionals have extensive experience in structuring complex corporate transactions, conducting due diligence, and representing clients in cross-border commercial deals. We are a unique firm with multi-disciplinaries professionals who can offer both IP and corporate law services.

Securities & Capital Market

In addition to our team , OPES collaborates with Lotus International Law, one of the leading law firms in Taiwan that specializes in corporate and securities laws, to assist our clients when they face complex securities and capital market issues.

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