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Intellectual Property


Our professionals are registered attorneys in the U.S., Taiwan and China who have strong track records of representing clients in IP-related matters. OPES is a one-stop shop for clients who seek legal representation for all their IP needs.

We focus on these practice areas:

Patent Prosecution & Opinion

Led by a team of experienced patent attorneys from a variety of technical disciplines, OPES professionals help clients prepare and prosecute patents worldwide. We counsel clients from the initial step of evaluating an idea through every stage of writing and prosecuting patent applications. Our clients range from prolific inventors and emerging technology companies to large multinational organizations with complex patent portfolios.


We cover technologies in the areas of software, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and pharmaceutical/biotech.

Another integral part of our patent services focuses on evaluating and analyzing patents and providing comprehensive legal opinions based on our analysis. Led by a team of experienced patent attorneys, our opinions are used by clients to evaluate infringement risks, implement possible design around options, and defend claims of willful infringement in relevant jurisdictions.


Our clients include individual inventors to multinational organizations from various technical disciplines. We also customize our opinion services to compliment clients’ business and legal needs while minimizing costs.


Trademark Registration & Opinion

OPES provides cost-effective, global trademark registration service via the Madrid system.  Our professionals have extensive experiences prosecuting trademark applications worldwide.  In addition to registration services, our legal professionals also advise client on complex trademark legal issues including infringement, opposition and dispute resolution. 

Trade Secret Disputes

OPES professionals represent clients in all aspect of trade secret disputes, including IP theft, breach of applicable binding agreements, corporate espionage and trade secret misappropriation.


IP Portfolio Management

OPES professionals advise clients with complex patent portfolios. In appraising their IP assets, we help our clients locate neglected values, identify emerging technologies, investigate infringement risks, and assess potential acquisition targets.


We also work with private equity managers to develop and survey patent portfolios for their investments. Our tasks typically include auditing the company’s IP portfolios, evaluating the strength of the IPs, and designing appropriate portfolio strategies to maximize the value of the innovations.      

IP Brokerage

The main goal at OPES is to help our clients extract value from their intangible assets. Our combination of legal, financial, and technical skills with our extensive network of contacts and a long-term, relationship-driven perspective has consistently delivered results for our clients.

Our services fall under two basic categories: patent sales and patent acquisitions.

IP Brokerage
Patent Prosecution
Trademark Reg
IP Portfolio
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