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Patent Litigation

Patent litigations have become more complex and costly in recent years. OPES offers a broad range of patent litigation services that can significantly lower litigation costs and improve the odds of winning a case.

Our patent litigation team is comprised of seasoned lawyers with the technical prowess required to handle complex patent matters. We have successfully represented patent holders, and defended accused infringers in federal jurisdictions across the U.S., before the International Trade Commission, and in arbitration tribunals.

Our team has experience with a wide range of technologies and products, including microprocessors, semiconductors, panels, storage media, LEDs, digital communication protocols, computer peripherals, biotechnology, gene sequence, and pharmaceuticals. We also have scientific advisors in the field of medicine, biotechnology, and molecular biology to support our litigators in complex biotechnology-related patent disputes.

General Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

OPES professionals have extensive experience in litigating civil and criminal matters.  We also routinely represent international and local clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation and arbitration.

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