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Venture Financing

Business Angels

OPES professionals have an extensive network with venture capital and private equity communities that allows us to assist emerging technology clients to secure funding. We work closely with clients to develop sound financial models that reflect the real value of their IP assets. We then survey our network to locate the most appropriate funding partner. Such a partner not only can provide the financial resources required to sustain growth, it will also deliver intangible values, such as distribution channels and joint venture opportunities, to the client.

There are a few capital raising options available to our clients. For examples:

  • Government Grant Schemes

A number of government grants in Taiwan are offered to organizations to facilitate research, development, and commercialization of innovations. These grants are usually very competitive, and OPES consultants work closely with our clients to apply for this type of funding. Our consultants have extensive experience with various regulatory bodies and executive branches that give us an edge in securing government grants for our clients.

  • Business Angels

We have an extensive network of high net worth, non-institutional investors looking to invest in companies offering high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities. These business angels usually will seek assurance from companies regarding the quality and experience of their management and their market strategy. They will also want to see a well-developed business plan and IP strategies before making an investment.

Our consultants will work with clients to devise a sound IP strategy that can meet the expectation of business angel investors. We will review each of our client’s IP portfolios, and confirm the IP position and the value of individual IP assets before we introduce the client to business angels.

  • Private Equity

Venture capitalists invest in relatively new companies that may embrace a significant potential to grow. They usually participate in the management of the companies in which they invest. Investment from venture capitalists may be made in different stages of a company over a specific period of time.

  1. Pre-seed: Proof of concept or initial stages of IP protection and process

  2. Seed: Development of business model

  3. Start-up: Product roll-out and initial stages of marketing

  4. Late-stage: Expansion of enterprise


Because a venture capitalist is likely to be closely involved in the strategic management of a company, we help our clients to select the right venture capitalist that will not only provide investment funds, but can take the role of a trusted business partner who can offer suitable mentoring and guidance. We will work with a client to develop a sound business plan which not only demonstrates the market opportunities and potential for the company’s growth, but also the company’s IP strategy establishing the management practices of its IP assets.

  • Initial Public Offering

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are the first offering of shares in a company to the public for the purpose of raising capital to finance the company’s business. The process of an IPO is highly complex and technical; therefore, it is essential to engage professionals who have substantial experience in this area. OPES’ partner, Lotus International Law Office (“Lotus Law”), is the leading law firm in Taiwan specializing in corporate and securities matters. Our consultants, together with the experts in Lotus Law, help clients to develop systems for the various steps in the process leading to an IPO.

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