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Hunter Yen



Publication / Speech

  • Myeloid-derived suppressor cells prevent type 1 diabetes in murine models. Journal of Immunology (2010)

  • Beneficial effects of taurine on cardiac abnormality in NZB/W F1 mice fed with a high-cholesterol diet. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2009)

  • Symposium on Comparison of Chinese and American Patent Practices in the Field of Biomedicine - Shanghai (Sep. 2017)

  • Hitron Technology Co., Ltd. Internal Intellectual Property Training-Hsinchu (Aug. 2018)

  • General Course at Chung Hsing University-Introduction to Taiwan's Patent System-Taichung (Nov. 2018))

  • "International Patent Law" of the New Venture Consultant Series Course - Taipei (Nov. 2019)

  • "Introduction to Patent Application and Technology Transfer" - Hsinchu (Jan. 2021)

  • "International Symposium on U.S. Patent Litigation Practice" Case Dispute Argumentation Workshop - Taipei (Nov. 2021)

  • Pre-employment training for patent attorneys "US Patent and Trademark Practice" - Taipei (Mar. 2022)

Current Position

Partner, OPES IP Consulting Co., Ltd./OPES Law, P.C.

Chairman of the U.S. Practice Council, Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA)

Co-Editor of the U.S. Patent Practice Newsletter, TWPAA

Member of Biotechnology Practice Committee, TWPAA

Member of International Affairs Committee, TWPAA

Member of Intellectual Property Litigation Committee, TWPAA


Taiwan Patent Attorney

Expert Certificate in Intellectual Property & Patent Analysis

TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) Verification Counselor

NLAC & CARD − Cryopreservation and Reproduction Techniques for Laboratory Mouse


Chung Shan Medical University, B.S. (Medical Management)

Chung Shan Medical University, M.S. (Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

National Taiwan University (Institute of Immunology, School of Medicine)

National Taiwan University (Institute of Zoology, College of Life Sciences)

National Taiwan University, Ph.D. (Program of Microbial Genomics Graduate Institute of Microbiology College of Medicine)

National Taiwan University, Law Credit Class


Research Assistant, Institute of Biomedical Research, Academia Sinica

Research Assistant, Agricultural Biotechnology Center, Academia Sinica

Patent Engineer, Portal International IPR Group

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